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Petrol in Diesel in Dorset

Diesel in petrol causes a few problems, but it's not such a big deal when it's the other way around. We all know that the size of the diesel inlet is enormous compared to that of a petrol tank. Therefore, it's always better to avoid such situations where you put petrol in a diesel vehicle. If, for instance, this does happen, the problem that may occur is an easy fix. But a significant drawback of doing so is that petrol is not suitable for many elements inside the diesel car and may damage them permanently. This damage may include many things that are not covered in the insurance policy. However, an early discovery of these damages can save you from significant losses. In addition, petrol is flammable, which makes it a dangerous and not a highly recommended choice.

Have you put Petrol in Diesel in Dorset?

The petrol acts like a solvent, damaging so many parts of the fuel system. You will be left with a massive bill for getting those parts fixed. Even your engine won't be able to bear the damages and will die. Several other reasons can cause your engine to fail; whatever the case is, Auto Fuel Doctor can quickly fix the situation.

Our “Wrong Fuel” Services

The first thing a driver must do is turn off the engine after adding the wrong fuel. It will prevent further damage and save your vehicle from catching fire. Instead of making any wrong moves by yourself, contact the Auto Fuel Doctor to help you out. The team will drain and thoroughly clean the entire tank and engine.

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